Phlebotomy Certification in Kentucky

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The certification courses in phlebotomy can be completed in a period of one year and the associate degree is completed in a 2 years time period. The programs in phlebotomy certification will cover topics like vascular system, first aid, human anatomy and CPR. The courses done in the field of phlebotomy will help the students in attaining job training. Continuing education programs generally include training or courses that are focused on developing phlebotomist in understanding the concepts of specialty management, anatomic pathology and safety.

Asbury College:

The institute was started in the year 1890 and is situated in Wilmore in Kentucky. The institute enrolls over 1,500 students every year. Over 50 major courses are offered to the students to select from. The students can opt the courses in various fields like English, world language, business, music, natural science, computer science, phlebotomy, nutrition, counseling, mathematics, history and arts.

The sports team of the institute is called as Eagles. The common games played by the members of the team are volleyball, diving, swimming, tennis, softball, soccer, cross county, basketball and baseball. It is a private institute that was not developed for profit and the highest degree offered by the institute is master’s degree. The admission system is not open to every students. Only the students who meet the criteria specified by the institute will be selected during the admission process.

The mission of the institute is to offer spiritual vitality and academic excellence for the lifetime learning process, service and leadership to society, family, church and professions by preparing them fro engaging their cultures and to advance cause of Christ across the world.

Asbury College

KY 40390-1198


Bellarmie University:

The institute is also called as BU and is situated in Louisville in Kentucky. The college was started in 1950 and many courses are offered to the students. The games played by the sports team of the institute are tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross county, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, baseball and track. The doctoral degree is the highest degree offered by the institute to its students.

The mission of the institute is to serve the nation, world and region by educating diverse, talented students of different ages, cultures, nations and faith with respect for the individual’s intrinsic dignity and value. The major programs undergone in the institute are medical administration, philosophy, phlebotomy, law enforcement, counseling, emergency medicine, medical support and business management.

Bellarmie University

KY 40205-0671


Backfield College:

The institute was started in the year 1984 and is situated in Kentucky. Certification courses, diploma, associate degrees and bachelor’s degree are offered by the institute. Financial support is offered to the students who are eligible to receive the offer. The staffs of the institute are well trained with practical experience in the subject they teach. The major course often chosen by the student’s of the institute are phlebotomy training and business management. The students are trained in such a way they can develop their skills in all fields.

Backfield College

KY 41042


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