How to plan building a website?

Building a website from scratch is something that people in this fast-paced digital age do on a daily basis. However, what will set your site apart from the novice, generic sites of others is thorough planning and preparation, which One2One Digital, a digital marketing agency in London, is here to help you do.

First and foremost, you will need to map out the information you want to include on your website. Who is your target audience? What kinds of information will they want to see? What information is most important to relay to them? Also, do not forget to include your brand’s purpose and background information in an “about” section somewhere on the website. Your audience will want to know that you are legitimate and sincere. A “contact” section can also help with credibility. Let your viewers know that you seek their feedback. If you give your audience your full attention, they will ideally reward you with their own.

Next, layout is important to any website. A messy, unorganized website looks unprofessional and will cause your audience to not spend much time on your site or return to it. A clean, professional, user friendly layout is essential to any website. Your content should be presented in an organized manner so viewers can easily find what they are looking for. You do have some leeway in the presentation of content. For instance, you can decide what font size certain information is presented in, whether content appears at the top, middle or bottom of a page, and where your landing page guides viewers. Generally, links to your site’s pages should be organized on the top, left or right of your page without forcing viewers to scroll to find what they are looking for. Links should be easily locatable and of course unbroken.

Your business’s phone number and address should be located at either the top or bottom of your landing page in fairly large font, so viewers are easily able to find this information, especially when they want it immediately.

Design is essential to your site, as well. Choose a theme, color scheme and font that are appropriate for your content and brand. A website that is too dark or too light for the image you are trying to portray will cause your visitors to second guess your brand name.

Develop your content and copy in a way that reflects the way you want your brand to be portrayed. If you are marketing fitness classes to young adults, you need to use keywords and terms that your target audience is most likely using to search for businesses like yours. One2One can help you research and implement this strategy of search engine optimization.

Finally, you need to make sure your website is running efficiently and effectively before you release it to the public. Make sure all links are working, all content is easy to find and no information or products are missing. Compare your website to that of your competition. Once you release your website, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and strategic ways to improve its conversion rate and visibility.

One2One Digital is here to guide you through the specifics of each of these steps to ensure that your brand name gets the recognition, reputation and consumer base that it deserves. For a professional website, let the professionals guide you to success.