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11-20-2009, 04:47 AM
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How to get indexed in Google Fast

Submit to multiple search engines
Now a days u cam submit your website to multiple search engines for free, and it certainly will help in boosting up your rank for Google, the most important search engines are Google, Yahoo, Ask jeaves, Baidu( for Chinese market) and and also submitting it to Alexia will also help.

Get quality Backlinks
Starts with getting quality backlinks before submitting your site to Google, text-link-ads, Squidoo, commenting on blogs, link exchanges & if you can design make a template and put your site link on that. how ever text-link-ads may require a little money out of your pocket but its worth it because you can get quality PR4 or 5 backlinks, Remember PR backlinks does count, higher the PR backlink site, higher your ranking will be.

Build Solid title & meta tags

Google love quality meta and title tags, make sure you have enough keywords in meta descriptions, and your title tag is built on solid keyword searching.

Social Bookmarking can help
Yes it does help, most of the social bookmarking sites have very high PR value, getting a backlink from them is fast, easy and offcourse free. bookmarking sites includes but not limited to,,, and offcourse

Dont launch without content
never launch or submit your website to search engines without having a some content in your website, alteast you want to give them something from you to index, without content and they will not like your website.
01-16-2010, 04:17 PM
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I've one more guidance OR check out this thread.
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01-19-2010, 09:34 AM
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I constantly come across people asking what's the quickest way to get indexed on Google. The secret is to first let Google know that your site is alive and breathing. The bots won’t index you unless they know you are there on the web and quality PR sites are noticing you. You just need few good links from trusted domains of your own Niche pointing to your site and in no time your positions will be better than the same site who added their links in hundereds directories and also you would be heading up the ladder in your search engine rankings.
Just put a couple links out there on the web pointing towards your site and you will get crawled. This has always seemed to be the best method. Crawlers crawl links day and night and you too will get crawled.

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