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Thread: China search engine

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    China search engine

    Which International Search Engine is performing top in China ??

    Don't tell Baidu ( its Local Chinese Search Engine )

    Lets tell


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    This one is also one of the most popular search engine from china... zhongsou.com/

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    Originally Posted by admin
    This one is also one of the most popular search engine from china... zhongsou.com/
    you are understanding the words which is written in Home page ??? I want to Know international means its using by outside in china also ...

    Got it or not got it ??


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    cn.yahoo.com - but this is also displaying contents in chinese language. Will be back to you when find anything you are looking for.

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    you can probably guess google.com.cn or something like that since google is like global and pretty easy to figure out in any language. google.ltd and then start searching. just a wild guess could be wrong though.

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    China search engine

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    Baidu China's biggest search engine.Baidu provides an index of over web pages,images,and multimedia files.Security experts were quick to point to Baidu's domain name records as the focus of the hack.It is very popular in china such like as a Google.

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    Yes, I am 100% agree with you. Security experts were quick to point to filenames, Baidu domain of the focus of the hack. You shared a very true information.

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    Baidu has dominated research on the Internet in China, has a significant lead over Google, which entered the market late. Earlier this year, Google took its search engine on Beijing after complaining of censorship and online attacks that appeared to come against piracy in China. The new company would compete with Baidu.com, a private company that manages the dominant Chinese search engine. Baidu's market has increased since Google went out from the mainland earlier this year.

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    Many country work for the search engine and chine also work for the search engine that are one of the most marketing of the business and our product. China are use for the search engine for the product and item in the display for the inter net market.

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