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Thread: How to optimize my website for BING. !!!!

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    If you see all the keywords on Google and Bing, you will find the same research sites. Use the navigation text, create content for human visitors for the web search engine and keywords Bing Stir in the URL strings are best to optimize the website bing.com

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    The primary concern of SEO is to improve the websites position on search results for a wide variety of relevant keywords and to increase the number of quality visitors by implementing different type of strategies.Bing comes with several new features. Most search engines will guess at what you want and give you several different types of results on the page.Try getting more links from social networking/media type websites blogs, forums, bookmarking, etc. especially blogs.We have then this help significantly more for Bing organic search more then others.

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    Sign up for a bing webmaster tools account and submit a sitemap directly to bing. That will help you get more pages indexed and you should show up more in the results pages because of having more pages indexed.Just keep link building and follow all the steps carefully and you will be able to secure better rank in both the search engines at the end.

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