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Thread: Indexing speed of google...!!!!

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    Indexing speed of google...!!!!

    What factors are responsible for the speed at which sites are indexed in Google?

    Some sites get indexed in less than 5 minutes whereas some takes 1-2 days...

    Your views on...???

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    i think its weekly, cause i believe i had a site i created one day and then the next week it was being crawled by google and yahoo, so it could be weekly and it could be whenever.

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    This initial indexing process occurs only when your computer is idle, ... is open during the initial indexing period to speed up the indexing process. ... Once your index is complete, it'll disappear from your Google Desktop page,

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    Three factor require for Indexing speed of google.....
    1. Links pointing to the new website
    2. Sitemap submission in Google webmaster tools
    3. Frequency of content update

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    Well Probably indexing process is of a week the most, I'd say that's kinda standard. But I've found them sometimes quick to index, other times very slow to index.

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