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Thread: Indexing speed of google...!!!!

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    Indexing speed of google...!!!!

    What factors are responsible for the speed at which sites are indexed in Google?

    Some sites get indexed in less than 5 minutes whereas some takes 1-2 days...

    Your views on...???

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    i think its weekly, cause i believe i had a site i created one day and then the next week it was being crawled by google and yahoo, so it could be weekly and it could be whenever.

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    This initial indexing process occurs only when your computer is idle, ... is open during the initial indexing period to speed up the indexing process. ... Once your index is complete, it'll disappear from your Google Desktop page,

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    Three factor require for Indexing speed of google.....
    1. Links pointing to the new website
    2. Sitemap submission in Google webmaster tools
    3. Frequency of content update

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    Well Probably indexing process is of a week the most, I'd say that's kinda standard. But I've found them sometimes quick to index, other times very slow to index.

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    Google regularly index the newly developed site as well as the older site which have the change in their content and is seo friendly to the crawler.

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    Indexing refers to what the computer does to help make searches fast.Sitemaps definitely help.Also,Google seems to favour blogs,so set up a blog at blogspot.com and link to your site from there for some quick google action.Google has just increased it's crawl rate to combat bings faster crawl rate.

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    Links pointing to the new website and submit a sitemap in Google tools for webmasters is very good for Google indexing speed. Google seems to favor the blogs, put a blog on blogspot.com and a link to your site from there to some quick action on Google.

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    This is usually called "index freshness", not "indexing speed". Two spiders might have the same speed, but if one is visiting pages that changed and one is visiting pages that didn't change, the first will have better freshness.

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    If you get reliable and relevant backlinks, plus it also has an internal link structure very effectively all internal pages indexed faster. If, however, has very few backlinks and a connecting structure is bad, it could take some time to get to see all the indexed pages.

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