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Thread: Difference between keyword search with and without quotes !!!

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    Difference between keyword search with and without quotes !!!


    I would be really amused to know - If you share your ideas and functional views on ...
    "Differences between keyword search with and without quotes"

    for ex -
    like this or "like this"...

    Looking for your replies...


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    i understand it to be, that without quotes, it is more for general search. however i heard the quotes make it more specific and more focused then without the quotes.

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    With quote is mean you are looking for the exact keyword phrase and without quote mean the result are consider you are looking the keyword individually but both appear. However, most of the user are not using the quote, they will only using it once they found the result is not "satisfied them".

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    For me and my Transcription Companies to search with quote is more confortable, it lets to save time in counting statistics.

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    Whenever you are try to search the content related to specific keyword you have only use the simply keywords to search it. If you want the exact keyword to be searched then you have to go with the double quotation mark.

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    When you do keyword research whether long tail or not, you always search the broad match type means keyword search without quotes. The reason being is that you want to see the whole competition in your chosen market. Using quotes or researching your keywords by their phrase/exact match types will not really show you the real competition.

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    I'd typically use without quotes because people usually don't search with quotes.It gives you exact matches, but that's only for starting up to see your competition.I like to be realistic and stay with the majority.Keyword Tracking is a specific type of Search. In fact, both Keyword Tracking and Search utilize Twitter Search's API. The difference is in the implementation.

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