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Thread: Differences between Google.com and Google.co.in

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    Differences between Google.com and Google.co.in

    Difference from Google.com and Google.co.in
    See the below, for answer:

    Believe it or not, Its True! Check out the result yourself by typing "removing" keyword in both Google.com and Google.co.in pages.

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    Yes they are searching records om the basis of most searches area wise...

    SO they are Showing different results


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    Thanks for your contributions. I like to visit this forum often.

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    I noticed that its the location in which google is looking to be honest. they wouldn't create a site if there wasn't any part of it there.

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    Google is divided according to region. Google.com is for US and google.co.in is for India. The results in both of them will vary..

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