15 Easy Tricks to Get Quality Links


I would like to Introduce my company to you which is specializing in SEO Services. I have been doing link building services for a while now (almost 4 years) with lots of feedback. I was doing it all by myself but now I have increased my staff and we are offering something very new.

Our 15 ways -

1: Contextual link building
2: Building content links
3: link building using free pages
4: On a Daily bases at-least 5 links
5: We get Link through Submission in Directories.
6: We also build links using forums
7: we also care by using social bookmarking
8: We use sig links from different relevant forums
9: By commenting on do follow blogs
10: We also mix quality and normal links
11: We can Process weekly and Monthly Reports As per Your Requirements.
12: we can show sharp improvements.
13: we can take care of your website inner pages also.
14: we build links only from trusted sites & we build it on daily basis so that its more trustworthy to you.
15: we make word press themes and publish, but only on relevant websites to make it look genuine that’s the reason we do only one link per theme.

In this we have 3 different packages

[Package No-1]:

- Atleast 5 links a day
- 180 links a month atleast
- No fake links
- we mix up all links
- we vary as many anchors possible
- we build links for inner pages as well
- monthly report
- We will Submit 5 Themes ( 1 Keyword Each )

Cost would be : $300 a month.

[Package No-2]:

- Atleast 10 links per day
- 350 links a month atleast
- no Crap links
- we mix up all links
- we vary as many anchors possible.
- we build links for inner pages as well.
- Monthly report
- keywords:10
- We will Submit 10 Theme ( 1 Keyword Each )

Cost would be: $500 a month

[Package NO 3]:

- Atleast 30 links a day
- 1000 links a month atleast
- no fake links
- we mix up all links
- we vary as many anchors possible
- we build links for inner pages as well
- weekly repots
- We will Submit 30 Theme ( 1 Keyword Each )

Cost would be : $1000 a month

Report Process:-

We will create an Online Spread sheet where It would be mentioned what we would be doing in the future coming dates. All work would be done accordingly It will all be on screen so You can view what work has been done in the Past and what the Outcome results are. Also how much we are able to do in the following weeks. Currently You can see results for atleast 5 sites in the first 1st month. If you would be kind enough to try us out on a trial basis.

15 Easy Tricks

You also can request CUSTOM PACKAGES for your site. Feel free to CONTACT US for more details!

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